Julien Baillod

Swiss musician lives in Neuchâtel. Born in 1972, playing and composing since 1984. After having been involved in post-rock and jazz-punk bands he is now playing on different kind of scenes, from post-rio to contemporary and electronic avant-garde, developing languages, spaces with a special guitar approach.


Member of Kunstart (CAN Switzerland) since 2006, www.can.ch

Bio : solo project, www.biomusic.ch
Concerts in France and Switzerland 2004-2010.
Soundtracks for theater and movies.

Albert Marcoeur (France) since 2004, www.marcoeur.com
With Albert, Claude and Gérard Marcoeur, Farid Khenfouf, Eric Thomas, Frédéric Aurier, Julien Dieudegard, Julian Boutin, Noémi Boutin, Luc Dedreuil, Jean-Michel Hugo, Jérôme Kalfon.
Tours and concerts in France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2004-2010.

./morFrom/. (Switzerland) since 2004, http://morfrom.121234.net
With Jeroen Visser.
Concerts in Holland, Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland 2004-2010.
Soundracks for movies. Installations & performances.
Collaborations with Arthur de Pury, Luigi Archetti, Bill Gilonis, Lukas Simonis, Jason Kahn, etc...

Member of l’Ensemble Rayé (Switzerland) since 1999, www.ensembleraye.ch
With Jean20 Huguenin, Cédric Vuille, Samuel Blaser, Yann Altermath, Claude Marcoeur.
Concerts in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France and Japan, 2000-2009
Soundtracks for theater and dance.

Several collaborations and improvised performances with various artists : Eric Thomas, Larkian, Stéphane Babey, Philippe Simon, éLectripocnic, Denis Schuler, Shirley Hoffman, Benoit Moreau, Anne Baudoux and many unforgotten others.


<> ./morFrom/., 121234 records (Switzerland) 2008.
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< #804 center street > Cédric Vuille, Les Disques Rayés (Switzerland), 2007.
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<> with l’Ensemble Rayé, InPolySons (France) 2001. Hommage to Robert Wyatt.
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<> l’Ensemble Rayé, Les Disques Rayés (Switzerland) 2001.
<> l‘Ensemble Rayé, Kein & Aber (Switzerland) 1999.
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Soundtracks and sound installations

<>, Compagnie Carré Rouge, Sound, Eternal Tour Neuchâtel 2009 (CH).
<>, ./morFrom/. installation & performance, CAN, Neuchâtel 2008 &
Walcheturm, Zürich 2009 (CH).
<>, R.-L. Stevenson, Théâtre de la Poudrière (CH) 2009 with Ensemble Rayé.
<> Compagnie Carré Rouge, Sound, Galerie Forde Genève
2009 (CH).
<> with Eric Thomas, CAN, Neuchâtel 2008 (CH).
<> a Marcel Borles movie 1929, post soundtrack. Ethnographic museum Neuchâtel MEN
<> Théâtre des Gens, by Patrice de Montmollin, Théâtre du Passage Neuchâtel 2008, with
l'Ensemble Rayé.
<> Amélie Nothomb, Cie Padugenre, by Nathalie Sandoz, sound design, CCN
(CH) 2008.
<> Théâtre de la Poudrière (CH) 2007 with l'Ensemble Rayé.
<>, Valérie Poirier by la Cie Yonophe, CCN (CH) 2007 with l'Ensemble Rayé.
<> A Jan Svankmajers movie. Post soundtrack with ./morFrom/. 2006.
<> Théâtre de la Poudière (CH) 2005 with l'Ensemble Rayé.
<> Théâtre des Gens (CH) 2005.
<> a Jan Svankmajers movie. Post soundtrack with ./morFrom/. Volts und Vision Festival Zürich (CH)
<> Exhibition about absinthe in Val-de-Travers, Dir. Arthur de Pury, soundtracks and sound
installations (CH)
<> Théâtre de la Poudrière 2005 with L’Ensemble Rayé.
<> Théâtre de la Poudrière 2002 with l’Ensemble Rayé.
<> Théâtre de la Poudrière 2002 with l’Ensemble Rayé, for the opening ceremony of the swiss
exhibition 2002.
<> Théâtre de la Poudrière 2002 with l’Ensemble Rayé.
<> Marysa Louvet (jewels) / Pablo Lopez Bunuel (Concept) / Centre d’Art Contemporain
2001 / Centre d’Art Neuchâtel 2000.
Alexandre Lanz (fashion) / BFM Genève / plateform 2000.
<> Martin Widmer / multimedia / Genève 1999.
<> Martin Widmer et Stéphane Benoit / video / Paris 1998.